Canadian Curling Association

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The primary area of administration and the most financially consuming of the CCA’s responsibilities are championships. On an annual basis, the Canadian Curling Association sanctions and conducts 8 national curling championship events. Approximately 15,000 competitive curlers from all provinces and territories enter play at the curling club level with the hopes of becoming one of the Canadian Champions crowned annually.

The mission of the Canadian Curling Association is to encourage and facilitate the growth and development of curling in cooperation with our network of affiliates.

The national board is elected by representatives of the Member Associations and is accountable collectively to the Boards of Directors of that group. The Board’s primary responsibility is to ensure the necessary programs and resources are established to develop, in the most general sense of the word, the sport of curling. The Board will fulfill these responsibilities by formulating and adopting policies, seeing that these policies are implemented by the CCA CEO and professional staff and by evaluating the results. Further, the Board must carry out its functions openly, seeking the involvement of its members, corporate partners and staff.

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