BBE - Global Logistics

Телефон: 867-873-8666
Факс: 867-766-8667
Адреса: 100 McMillan Street, Yellowknife, NT, Canada
Поштовий індекс: X1A 3T2
Сіті: Yellowknife
Провінція: північно-західні території
Карта: Перегляд великої карти
Manufacturing Industries, Nec
Business Services
Web Directory No.LK-284525-8630
BBE was founded in northern Canada in 1977. Our ability to provide client-specific logistics solutions in remote Arctic conditions laid the foundation for the company’s competitive advantage in the global marketplace today. In addition to our strong and unique network of operating bases in the Arctic, we also have facilities in five provinces and territories in Canada enabling our team to support our clients throughout North America and Internationally.

Our corporate commitment to ‘out-of-the-box thinking’ sets us apart in the logistics industry.

In this era of global connections, BBE utilizes the knowledge and expertise of our personnel and advanced systems to source, transport, manage, and track shipments nationally and internationally; whatever the project and wherever the location.

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