Cara Operations Limited

Телефон: 905-760-2244
Адреса: 199 Four Valley Drive, Vaughan, ON, Canada
Поштовий індекс: L4K 0B8
Провінція: Онтаріо
Карта: Перегляд великої карти
Eating Places
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CARA has approximately 26,000 Associates from coast to coast, with restaurant presence in every province..

CARA recognizes that health and wellness are growing concerns for our Guests. As such, we have added more menu items to our current options for our health-minded guest. Delicious, fresh salads with low or no fat dressings are offered, either as a main course or a side substitution for fries, at no additional charge.

CARA’s restaurants were the first in Canada to offer trans-fat free cooking oil with Swiss Chalet’s fresh cut fries. At Harvey’s not only are the fries trans-fat free, but any grilled sandwich combo can be paired with water, milk or juice and a salad. Our Registered Dietician continues to work with our vendors on an ongoing basis to reduce trans-fat in all of our products. CARA has also switched to a low fat, cholesterol free mayonnaise.

CARA’s other full-service restaurants offer a wide selection of menu items to suit all tastes and lifestyles. Kelsey’s “no problem” service means substitutions and ingredients on the side are easy. Milestones and Montana’s are happy to accommodate changes to menu items and help Guests make choices that suit their specific needs and preferences.

At CARA, we strive to be more than leaders in convenience and choice. We also strive to be a caring company, supporting the communities in which we serve. As the future of our business relies on the strength of our communities, the main areas of focus for our corporate charitable contributions are promotion of health and education.

Over the next few years, CARA has committed in excess of $1 Million for facility enhancement and research initiatives at several of Canada’s leading schools and universities to promote the advancement of the industry, investment in the education of Canadian youth, and support research related to food safety and production.

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