I C Trees

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Телефон: 819-778-0844
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Адреса: 885 Boul DE LA Carriere, Suite 202, Gatineau, QC, Canada
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Сіті: Gatineau
Провінція: Квебек
Карта: Перегляд великої карти
Forestry Services
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iCtrees inc. offers competitive mapping solutions to forestry companies, government agencies and public organizations responsible for forest management internationally.

iCtrees is continually working on research and development to ensure that it is the leader in its field and to offer its clients the best technological solutions for the requirements of precision forestry. The vision of iCtrees extends beyond forestry to related fields such as land management, agriculture and other various applications.

iCtrees inc. is a privately-owned Canadian company supported by a worldwide network of strategic partners and scientists who are involved in the growth of individual tree mapping..

Our mission
iCtrees inc. strives to be a world leader in forestry mapping services based on the ITC technology (Individual Tree Crown) using digital very high resolution satellite, aerial and LiDAR imagery.

iCtrees inc. is an independent company founded in October 2006 to pursue the ITC work done by CLC-Camint Inc. This company was born of the need to regroup all human and technical resources working on ITC technology since 1999 into an independent company focusing on the development and marketing of the technology to respond to the growth of commercial activities.

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