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While traveling in Italy, the founder of the now known as Panzarotini Company had a stop over at the Rome airport. He ordered a sandwich and was given a delicious grill pressed cold cut sandwich or "panini" which set him back 8 Euros. He thought to him self "This would be great in Canada" So we now have the Panzarotini Panini for 5 Dollars not 8 Euros. While staying in Bari his home town in Italy He went to a cafe who fried panzarotini's not panzarotti's, again he thought "this would be great in Canada" so he came home and started building small stores and created Panzarotini which makes small hand sized panzarotti and grilled panini.

At any of these stores you can purchase any one of these items or order a full catering menu. We have built a catering kitchen that can accommodate up to 1000 people party anytime.

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