Captain's Lookout Cottages

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Телефон: 506-882-2390
Інший телефон: 1-877-771-4440
Адреса: 1190 Route 915, New Horton, NB, Canada
Поштовий індекс: E4H 1W4
Сіті: New Horton
Провінція: Нью-Брансуік
Карта: Перегляд великої карти
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The Captain's Lookout Cottages offer a breathtaking panaramic view of the Bay of Fundy. We invite you to come and enjoy our rustic pine cottages, high on a hill overlooking the rugged shoreline and beaches of our beautiful Bay. The Bay of Fundy is known across the globe for having the world's largest tides. It has been voted "Canada's Top Natural Wonder". In just six hours the tide can rise over fifty feet along the Fundy Coast, generating tidal bores and covering large beaches in a matter of minutes.

We have beautiful walking trails directly from your cottage door to nearby beaches and cliffs. A salt and freshwater lake lies a short hike behind your backdoor. Hiking, biking, shorebird watching, horseback riding, beachcombing and Adventure Tours are just some of the exciting attractions to be found along the Fundy Coast.

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