Pave-Al Limited

Телефон: 905-256-2500
Інший телефон: 905-670-8717
Факс: 905-256-5095
Адреса: 1250 Shawson Drive, Mississauga, ON
Поштовий індекс: L4W 1C3
Провінція: Онтаріо
Карта: Перегляд великої карти
Web Directory No.LK-40213-4063
Pave-Al Limited is known as one of the most dependable and efficient construction organizations in the Greater Toronto Area. Pave- Al has an exceptional reputation for quality workmanship and material on top of being common award winners for safety, environmental awareness and quality product. Pave-Al has very strong customer relationships that have built a deep base of repeat business. The company is also active in various industry associations.

Pave-Al is led by an experienced management team and provides timely and cost effective solutions for a diverse range of projects throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Asphalt materials for our own projects, as well as for other asphalt consumers, are supplied by the company's manufacturing plant, located in Mississauga, Ontario.

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