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North America parrot toys and parrot supplies including bird and parrot swings gyms puzzles perches and more for amusing and entertaining your bird and all sold conveniently online.

We make every effort to ensure the products we choose are safe for your Parrot. When in doubt the product is sent to a laboratory for testing or if hardware is an issue, it gets replaced with bird-safe parts. You may also notice a USA or Canadian flag on many of the products we sell. This simply indicates the country of origin. We are continuing to populate this data and hopefully all goods made in USA or Canada will have the flags. In the meantime if you have any concerns from where a product originates simply send an email to

We are a full scale store with two retail outlets. We do not work from home. Nor do we not take products to bird clubs or conferences where they allow Parrots in the vendor area, we don't take products to our homes, we do not make toys in our homes and we don't purchase toys from any toy maker that works out of their house. We take every possible preventive measure to ensure our products are not exposed to birds.

While we make every effort to ensure our toys are as safe as possible, we cannot assume responsibility or liability for how your Parrot ultimately uses them. It is your responsibility as the caregiver to supervise and ensure safe & appropriate use of toys and accessories. Daily inspections should be made for parts that have become dangerous from use or abuse. We recommend trimming back threads on rope perches, boings or toys if made with polished cotton or cotton blends.

** Якщо ви хочете повідомити будь-яку інформацію про помилку, будь ласка, , якщо ви хочете оновити вміст сторінки, будь ласка, надайте нам інформацію з подробицями