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Адреса: 411 Roosevelt Ave. #202, Ottawa, ON, Canada
Поштовий індекс: K2A 3X9
Сіті: Оттава
Провінція: Онтаріо
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Welcome to SoleFit, a pedorthic clinic in Ottawa, ON owned and operated by the brother/sister team of Ryan and Cassandra Grant. Since opening in 2005, we’ve always prioritized ensuring that our patients understand their treatment plan. With the vast assortment of treatment/product options available, we want our patients to leave with the peace of mind that they are armed with not only the necessary tools to treat the injury, but also the information to prevent it from reoccurring.

Throughout our 1 1/2 hour assessments it is our goal to help identify the root cause of biomechanical issues or injuries and to make recommendations on how to resolve them. Treatment may require any combination of footwear change/modification, custom orthotics, over-the-counter supports, gait retraining/technique changes, bracing and/or recovery product, or referral to allied healthcare professionals. Let us help you get back to your active!

** Якщо ви хочете повідомити будь-яку інформацію про помилку, будь ласка, , якщо ви хочете оновити вміст сторінки, будь ласка, надайте нам інформацію з подробицями